Good News: 4G will be available in dumb phones as well


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Good News: 4G will be available in dumb phones as well

May be those phones which don’t have any special feature such as tough screen or other major specs which usually demanded by its users in a low priced phone but the best part is they can be lot more speedy than before due to the 4G.

Qualcomm is planning to introduce the 4G service in all those phones those are not smart neither have any GPS and stuff, basically the purpose behind this launch is to make internet accessible to those who cannot afford an ordinary smart phone, basically this is a B2B transaction Qualcomm is not actually targeting the actual consumer, rather its targeted audience include those phone makers whose customer buying power is not much. Actually they are launching this service the collaboration of them. The main target market include under developing countries in which poverty level is extremely high.

4g in dumb phones

Qualcomm States that “Speedier, more reliable cell service would be a boon for emerging regions’ small businesses in particular”. Though 4G is not work in those as it works in smart phones, but it due have extremely valuable functionality in ordinary phones, it helps to sustain the long lasting battery time and increase its durability for many days. Which is demanded by lots of customers.

Download speed in these phones are also exceptional, Qualcomm is planning to launch the new services in upcoming year, and Qualcomm said that these phones will be economical yet very efficient in all possible manners.

up coming dumb phone

In an era of smart phones Non smart phones are also trying to make their market position, last month Nokia come up with 3310 and now this launch, actually these ordinary phones are not trying to compete with the smart phones rather they are trying to grasp the market niche which is eager to have highly economical phones and not so special specs.


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