Google has created Valentine’s day special game for users

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Today is the day of love and for this day Google has created a special game as its Doodle

Having a theme of Valentine’s Day, Google’s homepage on Tuesday is an amazing game where users assist a cute pangolin’s search for love, so what’s this game all about?

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What is Google’s Valentine’s Day doodle game?

Google has generated a games series for Valentine’s Day around rare animals looking for love, and today’s doodle is dedicated to the pangolin.

The exciting four level game pin point on a pangolin leaving to China to meet up face to face on the special day.

For the Doodle, Google worked with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to facilitate and spread awareness about the pangolin, and a link is included so that players be able to donate to the cause.

The game obtained a six person team of animators and engineers a year to build up, and is one of the company’s most in-depth Doodles ever, as per one of the renowned news channel.

What is a pangolin?

A pangolin is an adorable animal discovered across Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, which is unhappily the most trafficked mammal in the world.
It is frequently known as a “scaly anteater” and the credit goes to its tough scales that protect it from predators. When it is in danger it is able to swiftly curl up into a tight ball.
There are eight species of pangolin and all face danger from trafficking.

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How do you play Google’s Valentine’s Day doodle game?

Users can play this game on Google’s homepage on Iphones, Androids and desktop computers, where they seek to help a love-struck pangolin get to its mate.

Game players help out the animal move to four different countries, including the Philippines and Ghana, leaping over hindrances and collecting love-themed stuffs.

To collect the items left and right arrow keys will be used for direction, with the space bar that enables the pangolin to jump.

The game encompass four levels overall, with three minutes permitted for each level.

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Items collected in the levels include:

  • Level One – cocoa beans for a cake
  • Level Two – musical notes for a song
  • Level Three – ribbons for lanterns
  • Level Four – flowers for a bouquet

It requires 150 items to create the gift, and you can try the game again if you failed to succeed.


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