Google’s new app: creates a dress based on your traits

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Google’s new app: creates a dress based on your traits

There is a new innovation in the industry of fashion designing. Google took an initiative with the collaboration of Ivy revel an online fashion house backed by H&M build an App named coded couture. Now question is how this app will going to work. It is a fully customized app which will observe the life style of its user for a week and through those finding built a dress exactly according to their personality.

First dress was created by kenzaZouiten, who is one of the founders of Ivy revel who gave the app opportunity to track her activities. App made the pattern of locations kenza was visited during that week, use material of the dress according to her life style.

Once you start using this app, first thing you need to do is to select the option according to your need, either you want a dress for business, party and gala. App will built dress according to these details. For business dress must be simple and traditional in nature. For party a short dress and stylish dress will be build and for gala a long gown fit in for black tie event will be established by the app.

The app track your activities to design a dress. Where you go for a walk, in which restaurant you check in, as well other details of your social activities on the basis of those information build a fully customized dress for you. It is requirement that you have phone always in your hand while you visit any location or do an activity.

User have an option to see how far his dress design reached during the week, once app will design your dress you can make changes according to your own taste. User can order the final design at Ivy revel as well.Data dress is not yet available for public but hopefully will be in market within this year.

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