Here are the 5 best antivirus for your Personal Computer



Here are the 5 best antivirus for your Personal Computer

Following are the best antivirus apps for pc:

  • Avast Antivirus Free:

Avast is free antivirus it protects your system from different kind of viruses and Trojans. It provides its users with smart scans which every possible thing from this app and able to identify, that is there anything which makes which is harmful for your computer.


Identify those viruses either remove the virus or recommend to remove the file in which virus is available to protect the whole system. This is very effective measure to keep your system safe and the best part is, that it is available at free of cost. It got average to excellent responses from its users, Average rating of Avast is 4 stars.

  • AVG Antivirus Free:

AVG is now a sub brand of Avast. It tried it best to become one of the major player of the market. But couldn’t succeed. But along with that in real world protection test it passes ten levels which is a big achievement. Like all other free antivirus its free version provides only basic security checks, a bit issue in the process is that its free version didn’t give priority to updates and don’t scan them on daily basis. Due to which its quality lacks. Because your probability of suffering from new threats increases by it’s this certain way of working.


But the paid version of AVG is very reliable it covers all advanced features which is necessary for system’s protection.

  • Bitdefender Antivirus:

Though it is not free as other apps it cost $29.09 but there are different discount packages are available in this app. But it covers each and every penny which it takes from you. It deserve such spending.


Bitdefender has made the ecommerce extremely very easy, while purchasing anything online a biggest threat is that you might suffer later due to providing your credit card information to various links but this app has made those financial transaction extremely very easy. It always remember the password of the credit and debit card and only provides information under complete security.  It is an independent tester which automatically scan each and every possible transaction which occurs by you and provide it maximum protection from all kind of threats. It provides other efficient facilities such as firewall, parental control, antispam, file encryption.

  • F-Secure Antivirus:

F-Secure covers less Mb’s in comparison of other apps, it provides browsing safety and doesn’t involve other additional features. Like other competitor’s apps, but simplicity doesn’t depict that it lacks in quality. It is very beneficial for small computers those can’t support those apps which are heavy in weight. The best part regarding this app is that it cannot disturb the working of other apps work best in collaboration. Though its specs and features are minimal in comparison of other apps but it previous mentioned qualities help it to grasp a large scale of market.


  • Kaspersky Antivirus:

It is a paid antivirus provide facility of Scan through which your complete web browsing is safe. It omit scam URL, update database frequently without any interruption. Through this you have not to worry about your e transactions protect your confidential information, it also provides parental control facility now your kids can access only those sites which you allow them to access. Backup and restore your information. It is a very effective and competitive antivirus.


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