Here’s a look of Johnny Depp’s extravagant house for sale

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Here’s a look of Johnny Depp’s extravagant house for sale

In fact Johnny Depp is a big spender. The actor has money dilemma that his previous business directors claimed in a court case stem from an expenditure practice of $2 million a month. And in September of previous year, he listed his five penthouses that are in the same building in downtown Los Angeles.

Yes, that’s right what you read that five houses in the same building. Together they were listed for $12.78 million, but they have been selling separately. One of his penthouses sold in October 2016, with the following in November 2016.

Take a look in the photos of the apartments; Depp’s style is anything but nominal. His colorful and wacky artistic visuals are just like what you anticipate from the man following Captain Jack Sparrow.

Johnny Depp used all of his five houses, but never tried to hook them up into one component, so they could be put up for sale individually.

According to real-estate agent Kevin Dees of Partners Trust, Depp had entrance way set up to join three of the components. The “Pirates of the Carribean” star bought the components for just about $7.2 million between 2007 to 2008.

The penthouses are in the Eastern Columbia Building in downtown Los Angeles.

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Eastern Columbia Building looks beautiful in the LA daylight.

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Collectively, the multi-floor penthouses have 9 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, adding up together 11,500 square feet.

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Four of the components have two bedrooms, & one component encompasses one-bedroom.

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One penthouse is used as an art studio.

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And an additional as a guest suite, demonstrating it ought to be nice being friends with a generous spender.

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