Hot chocolate contains more salt than a pack of crisps


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Hot chocolate contains more salt than a pack of crisps

People usually believe that coffee can bring no harm to health but you will be stunned to know that a mug of hot chocolate can have more salt than a pack of ready salted crisps, a campaign group found the results.

Consensus Action on Salt and Health found salt aimed to exceeds in all but on category of packaged food.

Galaxy Ultimate Marshmallow Hot Chocolate powder had just over 0.6g of salt per 25g serving – or 2.5g per 100g – more than the 0.15g per 100g target.

Mars Chocolate said the drink was an “indulgent treat” but Public Health England said additional effort was required.


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With the rapid expansion in technology especially in App making Industry, there is an App called FoodSwitch UK app, it allows you to check that how much the particular food or drink contains calories and which would be better to eat. The Cash researchers looked at several food products and determine that only bread rolls had met PHE’s voluntary targets.

Using the FoodSwitch UK app, the survey match up to two shopping basktes, each enclosing similar food items but with dissimilar amount of salt.

The smartphone app permits users to scan the barcode of packaged food and drinks to collect “traffic light” colour-coded nutritional information along with recommended comparable, healthier products.

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The researchers come to know that the difference in salt content between the “unhealthy” and “healthy” baskets of products was 57g of salt.

It is suggested that adults eat no more than 6g of salt a day – about one teaspoon – and children should consume a smaller amount.

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How can you incise your salt ingestion?

Evaluate nutrition labels on food wrapping when purchasing grocery items. You can actually incise your salt ingestion by checking the label and choosing the pizza, ketchup or breakfast cereal that’s contain less amount of salt.

  • Prefer reduced-salt, unsmoked back bacon. Cured meats and fish can be high in salt, so try to eat these less often.
  • Purchase canned vegetables without salt.
  • Look out for the salt content in ready-made pasta sauces. Tomato-based sauces are normally lesser in salt than cheesy sauces or those comprising olives, bacon or ham.
  • For healthier snacks, pick fruit or vegetables for instance carrots or celery sticks. If you love crisps or crackers, check the ticket and pick the ones which contain less salt.
  • Bad news for sauce lovers, don’t use soy sauce, mustard, pickles, mayonnaise and other sauces because they are all high in salt.

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