How as a sunrise caper or a night owl alters your memory

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How as a sunrise caper or a night owl alters your memory

In a day we come through different times in which we cannot give our best. For me before 10 am and between 2-4pm, my brain doesn’t work and I started feeling stumpy. I cannot think innovatively, I feel sleepy, and cannot bring into words my thoughts very easily, and I sort of behave like an eight year old.

Instead of blaming my brain for this, sooner than my inspiration, I searched out a researcher in the region of sleep and circadian neuroscience. Andrea Smit, a PhD student working with Professors John Mcdonald and Ralph Mistlberger at Simon Fraser University in Canada, helped me out to find the reasons that why at some times my memory acts terribly in a day.

It’s a matter of your Chronotype

Human beings contain diverse biological rhythms, termed as circadian rhythms, which as a result affect completely that we do in a day. They give our bodies the signals when want to eat and sleep. And they allow us to remember things as per our aptitude. As per Smit, “Chronotype, the level to which somebody is a sunrise caper or a nighttime owl, is a demonstration of circadian rhythms.

Sleep well

Sleeping at night is a good sign to become relax a whole day long. But for nighttime owls they also want to sleep and turn into steady 12 hours of snooze. But sleeping more will be hurtful for a brain to remember certain things. 

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Big shifts in routine

Be careful about the schedule of your daily routine. If you are habitual of spending a day at office then came back to home and that particular routine will certainly shifted into a schedule of spending a whole day at travelling then it would not be a good move to follow. It will make your mind upset and your brain does not work in the same way as it done before.

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