How mobile phone apps can keep you busy for hours?

Sitting idle, waiting for a train to arrive or an  unexpected delay in the flight , waiting for the next class to start , even if there are many people around you , its normally you are your mobile phone only .

This would not apparently be a very unique situation, unwittingly common and conventional, especially in the new world of communication. It’s no more a solitude that one may enjoy in the previous decades , when the most you hear around were sounds of nature rather than the buzz of unwanted ring tones , some and most even spurious for the ears . But this is the world now we are living in and shall be living with more gadgets and more advanced technology.  The study of impact of mobile phones and tabs on our lives is ongoing and it is continuously bring glossary of reports about the new life style of mankind .

Not to go miles away from the topic to discuss sociological, anthropological, economical  and philosophical aspects of new world , we shall confine ourselves to the topic of we and our mobile phones . we  always   have multiple subliminal impulses ,triggered with the blink of the cell phone making us alert for the diversified or collective actions to be performed , whenever we get to touch the touch phone .  Which app are you going to open up in the next minute, its always churning up in your mind and choices and possibilities, that which app it would be ?, varies from person to person and his/her age group . So if you are  reading this article now  , you must be thinking, what next and which app is going to give the best company or the best utility of time , that we always and often have in abundance for the gadgets .The most popular are some social media websites , a friend told me that you may find a person , forgetting the name of his/her spouse but it would be a miracle to find a person , who could not recall , forgot  or unaware of the name of Facebook  .

The social media is one major and most addictive utility of mobile phones but its not the only activity that we may perform , to be honest the mobile phone is complete entertainment and information kit , you never now , what the treasure of information  you have got  in your  hand and you may convert that into real treasure. Well utilizing it in a right way , now what exactly is the right manner of using the phone is another complete thesis and the definition of “right use “ would be relative. After getting through social media ,like spending ample time over there and somehow getting all the bits of information of the day about the friends and our circles , now what next ?

The candy crush right or you name it, depends who you are , where you are ? is it some shooting game or some fast and furious , formula one racing stuff ? That actually have reminded me of a game fast 7, well it’s a car racing game and some colleagues intensely love to play it . In any case I m sure , you guys have lot more other names in your mind of the best games , already downloaded on your smart phones or few that you wish to download with your next connectivity on wifi







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