How the Panama Papers were carefully planned and when?

The largest filtration in history, the Panama Papers , are not only an outstanding job of collaborative investigative journalism but also is a disclosure that the ICIJ in other words, an international legion of journalists had been preparing since about a year ago .
The ICIJ knew it was necessary that the information was first analyzed, corroborated and only after transcended the public, in a neat and coordinated movement. This was one of his greatest achievements.
The Panama Papers want to prove with evidence something we already suspected: that tax evasion is a theme established in the domes.
There has been some criticism on the ICIJ: more emphasis was to question Putin and leaders of the Arab world and East, that is, to “protect” the West. There are few Americans being singled out (they do not hide anything?). Even elections can be questioned regarding collaboration discussed below.
BUT >> Panama Papers clearly transcends borders, perhaps even politics. It’s money and power. Silent money.

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Panama Papers speaks of corruption and impunity of the rich and powerful

Individuals are being identified as “potentially dirty hands” // in terms of money , specifically. No organizations or governments. This is important. Research is person to person, case by case, although there are networks and connections: family, business, friends among them–.

A secret process, patient and quiet … until it was ready

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The New York Times tells it as brief chronicle: an anonymous source contacted a German daily, the Süddeutsche Zeitung of Munich, with a large volume of internal information (confidential, of course) of the Panamanian firm Mossack Fonseca,who manages offshore companies.
These companies are sometimes only firms and financial movements to politicians, celebrities and people in public office to hide their money.
Five journalists worked extensively for two months, then asked for help from the ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists) who had more experience and tools. With this, more than 350 journalists, some full-time, others worked in media but kept this information quiet and waiting were involved.

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Shh …
They worked for months sharing data, findings and analysis in the most perfect secrecy. Only they knew, and achieved that kind of reserve and preparation work in forums and encrypted servers.
They also met in Washington, London, Norway, more than 100 people discussing this in person, until they decided that their research was mature enough to publish.
Constantly receiving new information, the sources were updated. The materials were in place and the anonymous source was leaking. They chose a Sunday afternoon, on Monday, the news exploded everywhere.

What is going to happen? What has happened after Panama Leaks?

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In China, a country with a lot of censorship and government control over the media, the issue was already banned. The searches on Weibo, a social network similar to Twitter in China, hide anything related to “Panama”.
The work of the Kremlin has been uphold the “irreproachable” figure of Putin , and deny everything. However, this president is one of the most noted by research and it is unclear where the enormous volume of money that appears on behalf of his closest friends comes. How Russian public administration or even murkier business?

Illegal? Not exactly, but …What is a tax haven?

The Prime Minister of Iceland just to resign precisely because the Panama Papers has lost public confidence.
The Panama Papers also show that the father of the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, hid money through Mossack Fonseca. The public is furious: David Cameron always emphasized tax policy and now it turns out that his father evaded, in their businesses, pay taxes to the British government ..

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The current and new FIFA president, Gianni Infantino , is being investigated at this time by Swiss police in relation to TV contracts signed as head of the legal department of the UEFA, also following provident information Panama Papers.

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