How to lock the hard drive of your PC in Windows 10

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How to lock the hard drive of your PC in Windows 10

In today’s the human race, information or personal data is very important, but more than that to secure that information is more essential. It will turn out to be hazardous, when other party or person get access to your information and used against you and or destroys that data.


That would not be enough to merely secure your personal computer with a password, there is a lot to do and protect your data from the devil eye. But there is always a way to secure your data, in windows 10 you can protect your data by using BitLocker to secure both drives i.e. external and internal. It not only works when you sign in to Windows rather it can pop-up a notification if your system has a security threat. So you are totally roofed.

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Step 1: To set up BitLocker Drive Encryption, Click on Start, type BitLocker, then hit Manage BitLocker

Step 2: Choose the drive that you want to protect, and hit Turn on BitLocker

Step 3: Select how you want to unbolt the drive, by password or by smartcard

Step 4: Opt where you want to set aside the recovery key for fear that you fail to remember your password

Step 5: Choose whether you want to secure the whole drive, or simply the used space. This will settle on how quick your drive works when protected.

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Once you click on start protecting, windows will immediately function on securing your drive. After completion, just those with the password will have access to the drive. When plugging the drive into another computer, like at work or at school, Windows will ask for its password before unlocking it.

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