How to pay through Google’s Hands Free Payment System?

Google has announced the launch of a pilot project Hands Free payment system for use at checkout where the user does not require any physical operations with their phone, purse or credit card.

Hands Free Application uses GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in order to determine if the user is in an institution that participates in the pilot project. To use the application the user needs to install the actual profile picture and link a bank card.

google handsfrre payment system


When paying for purchases at the checkout it is enough for the customer to say « I will pay using Google». If the cash register is equipped with a camera, then nothing more is required for proof of purchase – the system will confirm the identity of the user by consulting with the profile picture. If the box office is not equipped with a camera, the seller will specify the buyer’s initials to confirm his identity, and then confirm the payment through POS. Google does emphasize that a camera is used to confirm a user’s identity, does not store the image locally or on the server – the user’s face image is deleted immediately after payment.

According to representatives of Google, this approach allows you to pay in shops, even with busy hands and do not spend time searching for a purse or card for payment. The pilot project payment system will work in some shops, cafes and restaurants in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay.

To use a Hands Free payment method, the phone user needs to have Android 4.2 or lower version of iPhone 4S or newer. Applications for Android and iOS are available for download from Google Play and iTunes. For the first time Google has introduced the concept Hands Free system at the conference I / O 2015 in May. Google I / O – annually held conference at which the company says on its achievements and new opportunities for its products for both developers and users.





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