How to prevent your smart phone from hacking?

How to prevent your smart phone from hacking (1)

  1. Protect your mobile with a code

For a mobile, using a code strengthens protection and prevents data theft in case of loss or theft of mobile.

  1. Frequently Change passwords of its mobile applications

Nowadays mobile applications exist to manage the different aspects of his daily consultation bank details, settlement of bills, complaint online. It is often necessary to authenticate using a username and password. To prevent these accounts is available in case of theft of your mobile, it’s important to remember not to use passwords that can be easily guessed (e.g. date of birth), not to pre-register and the change frequently.

How to prevent your smart phone from hacking (1)

  1. Disable Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology, very commonly used in mobile phones, allows it to be connected with computers, PDAs or hands-free devices such as Bluetooth headsets. It is also a true gateway to any malicious individual wanting to steal data. To prevent intrusion, it is imperative to ensure locking the Bluetooth function when it is most needed.

  1. Beware of free access public hotspots

How to prevent your smart phone from hacking (2)

These hotspots are generally reported and available in more and more public places, such as hotels, restaurant, fast food, and bars… Some of the schools offer free access and to connect to it is so simpler for the user, but also to the hacker. Such access is often little or no protection, leaving the field open for easy access to available data on the network.

  1. Downloading applications “out of the box”

According to a study by Gartner in 2013 this is a total of 102 billion applications have been downloaded against 64 billion in 2012. That figure is likely to increase in the coming years, reaching nearly 269 download billion in 2017. With this number of downloads constantly growing, it is important to remember the importance of reading all the information on an application. Most users simply note and opinions, without paying attention to the features of the application if the application provides access to contacts, etc. It is advisable, if in doubt, do not download this app.

  1. Download on regulated portals

To avoid disappointment, it is best to rely on conventional download portals such as the App Store or Google Play. Indeed, applications on these portals are checked before the posting to ensure maximum safety to users.

How to prevent your smart phone from hacking (3)

  1. Receiving MMS, SMS or unknown call

Sometimes receive MMS, SMS unknown recipient. In this case, it is recommended not to open them and remove them directly. Indeed, it may be-is an attempt to “enter” in the mobile or encourage the owner to call a premium rate number. For incoming calls, 08 for example, it is better not to win, because it can be or a premium rate number or attempted intrusion.

  1. Call discreetly – especially in overseas

When traveling abroad, be it for professional or private reason, it is recommended to pay attention to his telephone calls to the required speech and information transmitted, especially in undemocratic countries. For professionals, for example, it is advisable to spend their communications, called sensitive discreetly, send information several times and in different ways (by email, SMS, pager). This in order is to avoid any attacker to access data that may be confidential.

  1. From the noise on the line. Phone tapped or network problem?

When moving abroad, especially in some countries, it may happen that the communication is bad. Two possibilities: either the network effect is poor (98% of cases), or the line has been bugging … In both situations, especially for a professional, it is best not to dwell and limited to information unimportant.

  1. The Smartphone: personal property

The key tip to remember to protect the mobile intrusion attempts is that a Smartphone is a personal property. In summary, it is highly recommended to always keep the mobile near and avoid leaving it unattended.

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