How to save battery life on IOS 10:battery saver tips

How to save battery life on IOS 10battery saver tips  (2)

1.Reduce the brightness manually

Yes, the feature to let the system automatically manage the screen brightness is not good for your battery. Indeed, the brightness caliber through the light sensor disposed on the side of the device and consumes the battery. It is advisable to adjust the brightness manually using shortcuts in the status bar.

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2.Check your connections and turn off vibrations

It is better to turn off features you do not use. To do so, visit either your phone’s status bar or the settings. The vibrations are also consuming battery, prefer the ring mode to vibrate mode that will be more energy (but still much nicer to your neighbors on the bus). Remember also to disable vibration.

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3.Manage your notifications

Notifications are also a drain on your battery, in addition to reducing your productivity and concentration. Feel free to adjust the applications to receive only those that you think are important.

4.Pay attention to your applications

Your battery consumption will vary depending on your use of course, but also depending on the applications you have installed on your phone. Before using the various applications available on the IOS Play Store, the first thing to do to reduce the use of your battery is to check the inefficient applications on your phone. To do this, go into Settings, then Battery. You access all battery consuming elements. If an application uses too much battery, the solution is to “Force Stop”.

Applications to improve your battery

Google Play is full of applications to save battery, We have made a small selection of applications that are worth stopping.

1.Deep Sleep Battery Saver.

How to save battery life on IOS 10battery saver tips  (4)

It offers a paid version to 2.40 euros and another free.The operation of the application is quite simple. When your device is in sleep mode, the application will cut all tasks and network connections (WiFi, 3G, GPS etc). The application offers 6 different profiles: mild, strong, balanced, aggressive, sleeper and a custom mode. The soft fashion will allow your device to automatically reconnect to the network every 30 minutes to allow your applications to cool off for a minute. Handy for saving battery power, and stay connected to your favorite applications.

How to save battery life on IOS 10battery saver tips  (1)


Savee promises to double the battery life of your phone by changing the activation of the network and running processes execution. Compared to the previous application, it offers some additional features friendly. It is possible to automatically turn off vibration, or WiFi during a call, or set an automatic standby when the phone is in a pocket. The functionality to change the CPU frequency is also reserved for Rootes devices. The application also allows to automatically manage the functions in applications of their priorities through a configurable list by the user.

3.The Battery Optimizer

application is much less complete than the previous two, but has the advantage of being free.It proposes to extend your battery by disabling vibration, automatic synchronization, changing time-saver. It also identifies the most energy applications. The application is very easy to use: start, a small guide shows you quickly functionality. You simply click on “Extend” and let the application do its job.


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