How to save files in Google Drive? Follow these steps


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How to save files in Google Drive? Follow these steps

It’s very frustrated to know that out of nowhere your digital working spreads across all the platforms but you can’t do anything to stop this. But now Google has finally launched backup ad sync app to get rid of this phenomenon. It enables you to automatically copy your important data or media files just in case you your laptop or PC gets pinched or dies.

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Get the Backup and Sync app

To start over download the Google Backup and Sync app and click the button marked. It can only take few minutes to download the whole package then you will receive a message that your app has been installed.

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Sign into your Google account

After downloading and installation, the Google Backup and Sync app will automatically launched. Then click on the button “Get Started”. The step that you have to do is to sign in your Google account and use Google Drive.

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3. Select which files to back up

Now next stage is selecting the files that you want to back up. It allows you to select single file or the whole folder. By default it selects the documents, pictures and folders automatically.

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4. Choose the quality of uploaded photos

The Google Backup and Sync app allows you to save your photos in high quality or in original format. But it depends on the storage of Google Drive, it is recommended to save original quality option.

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5. Sync your folders on Google Drive

The next step of Google Backup and Sync wants you to select that which folder you have to sync from your Google Drive. Ensure the space of your Google Drive so that you can easily pick folders and pictures.

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6. Create a sync folder on your desktop

Tap on the “Start” button which will be seen at the bottom right and create a new folder on your desktop. This includes a backup of all the documents, photos and media files presently saved in your Google Drive account.

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7.  Take benefit from automatic syncing

That’s it, all the files that you have chosen are now backed up and synced between Google Drive and your desktop. This is the easiest and safest way to get hold of your files, pictures and folders, Google Drive backed up the files automatically.

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