how to setup two or multiple monitors in windows 10?

To use two screens on your PC, you must first have two screens (it makes sense), but also a graphics card with two outputs. This is the case with maps and new computers, generally equipped with a VGA (analog) and DVI (digital) output .Attention requires that these outlets are located side by side in the back PC. If they were removed, it would mean that one of them corresponds to the graphics card and the other to the integrated graphics chip.

The hardware installation is very simple. Start by turning off your PC, and then plug one after the other two displays to the graphics card. Connect them to the mains by their respective power cable, turn them on and then restart your PC and let Windows start. It will then be time to make the desired settings.


With Windows 7

Click the right mouse button on an empty area of the desktop and select Screen resolution.


With Windows 10

Click the right mouse button on an empty area of the desktop and select Display Settings.


Configure your dual screen

  1. In the settings window that appears, two screens are shown, each with a number.To find out which image corresponds to any screen, click Identify: figure appears large on each screen.
  2. Click on a screen to select the order to access its properties and thus to modify its definition independently of the other.Attention with Windows 10, you must click Advanced Display Settings to access this option.
  3. Select the option Make this display your main display(Windows 7) or make this screen the main screen  (Windows 10) to choose the main screen, that is to say one that will contain the taskbar and the System tray.
  4. Then choose the display mode via the pull down menu Several screens  with particular  Duplicate these displays  for a display or duplicate  Extend these displays  for the two screens show different things, Windows considering these two screens glued butt as one long screen. It is also possible to use only one of the screens, and therefore extinguish one another.
  5. Another drop down menu to select the screen orientation, portrait or landscape.Some screens have a mechanism to rotate in portrait mode, a very practical orientation to a second screen to be used to read documents.
  6. Finally, note that Windows displays two screens side by side without knowing their actual location.If he is wrong, just move the screens in the setting window by dragging with the mouse to reposition them to match the actual positioning of the two displays on your desktop.


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