It’s time to recall; old Nokia 3310 meets new Nokia 3310


nokia 3310

It’s time to recall; old Nokia 3310 meets new Nokia 3310

Close your eyes and remember which mobile phone comes into your mind?

If you are a game lover then it must be Nokia 3310 because of most beloved game “Snake game”. Now it’s time to enjoy that game once again, because Nokia 3310 is back with a bang, comprising of new design, shape, and kind of a modern look.

It was launched in September 2000, it was very eminent mobile phone at that time and the whole lot world was its admirer. Because it entails swappable and customizable plastic case, hidden antenna, T9 text input and the well-known game Snake, the3310 is exactly remembered as one of the supreme phones ever.

nokia 3310 2

Good news is that, now it’s back.

Well I must say that it is kind of a modern mode of Nokia 3310. It is not a Smartphone but it includes 2.5G, so now you can use the web with the Opera Mini Browser. You can use Facebook and Twitter but I must say it’s not a good idea because that’s pushing it. It encompasses only 2 megapixels of Camera. But you must thank Nokia because the older version of Nokia 3310 does not have these specs. The screen is about 2.4 inches corner to corner with a resolution of 240×320 pixels, and candidly we are lucky this time because it’s in color.

new n old nokia

But you will be surprise to know that its battery mainly lasts a month. A month! Yes but with a talk time of 22 hours. You can talk on this phone with longer time than some Smartphone.

The new version of 3310 is designed with more rounded edges, more delicate buttons, and a broad smoothing; it is bit like modernized Mini Cooper. It’s considerably thinner, playful and redesigned from Nokia and it will surely adore by people. The mobile is available in midnight blue and silver grey as well as a bright sunshine yellow and a warm orangey red. But unfortunately you can’t change the cases so when you buy the mobile choose the color you love the most.

colors of nokia

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