Meet A New Version of Google Hangout, that’s all you need


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Meet A New Version of Google Hangout, that’s all you need

Google has launched a new service, google has introduced a new service while keeping in mind the needs of its target audience and that service is HD video conferencing, it overcomes all those flaws which hangout may suffer like drop age of the video during the conference. Through this app google actually tries to expand its target market through segregating business from general public and providing them high quality videos and facilitating business in this regard.

The point of parity and USP in this new version over previous one is its capacity which provides business personals an ability to interact with each other without any geographical barrier and disruption. Not just duration they also increase the capacity regarding number of users in previous version only 10 person can interact with each other whereas in this version more than 30 peoples have had that opportunity. Along with that you can add a new person during the meeting through its dialer service. Meet also provide facility to its users regarding the collaborating emails with calendar and automatically arrange meeting on the bases of those results.

IOS version of hangout is available there is possibility that soon will be available in android store as well. There is also very strong news which spread from the sources, indicates that Meet will going to replace the Hang out in coming future.

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