Need to know Why Website Page Speed is So Important?


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Need to know Why Website Page Speed is So Important?

Page loading time is essential to website success, less it will take to download a page will increase the probability of customer stay on the page. This factor is so much important that it is actually replacing the top ranking of website content. Because in this speedy world viewer neither have patience nor have time to wait for the loading page. Rather it is more convenient and easy for them to switch on other website. SEO ranking also justify this statement.

A survey by Akamai and indicates that: “nearly half of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less”, this survey also mention that if a website take more than 2 seconds in a loading process viewer will opt to leave the page. Actually speed is the most important factor because specially in online shopping, the major complains came from shoppers is regarding to its speed almost 80% mention it as a biggest flaw in the website, and shoppers don’t only relay on that a huge population out of them will spread negative world of mouth this website.

website page speed

This indicates that just because of the speed of your website you will going to lose a huge amount of targeted audience, and that is a great loss as far as sales revenue is concerned.

Research indicates that you should have to concentrate upon the following things, just one second means a lot in the case of website traffic, just few seconds delay act as the failure of the your webpage . It will decrease your customer satisfaction up to 16 percent.

Mobile users are bit patient in this regard, they can wait for almost 5 sec to open a website, but if a website doesn’t open till 10 seconds they unrestrained it completely. KISS metrics have conducted this Research.

waiting for website to open

Even though a website have had extremely efficient content, and have keywords up to the mark still not able to succeed in this dimension until there website loading time is not efficient.

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