Nerdy thing: The amazing evolution of glasses technology


glasses evolution

Nerdy thing: The amazing evolution of glasses technology

Like all other technologies glasses also evolutes themselves in these few years, they considerably changes their styles as well as comfort. Though it seems to be really new product but it does have very ancient roots. First glasses were invented almost 2000 years ago in Roman era. But they were only helpful for far vision things.

These glasses have just one round lens and a chain attached with them that was the first invention in this regard.

Than in late 1200 first pair of glasses was invented, though its quality and comfort was not up to the mark but was one of the biggest invention of that time only elites are able to use such things. In mid 1300 there was a bit amendment in the spectacles was occurred, it was bit lighter weight than previous one and have had a V shape frame. Secondly the point of difference here was its additional feature; it can be used for near sited visions as well.

In 1452 for the first time rates of glasses seems to bit economical that makes it possible for masses to purchase it. In 1600 there was also a revolution the style of glasses its rigid nose bridge makes it comfortable and easy to use by the consumers, mid 1700 was an era of bifocals.

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In mid 1900 plastic lens replaced the glass lens which makes easily potable and much easier to use. Acrylic lenses were the specialty of that era and was considered as a first brick of today’s modern glasses. In 1962 first light weight plastic lens was manufactured.

In 1980 manufactures started playing with the designs of frames; instead of traditional round frame they opt for square or even triangular shaped glasses.

Now manufacturer are tend to make glasses from eco friendly material and put high consideration in regard of its material. They put their efforts towards techniques that are helpful to be recycled easily.


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