Noor Salman Wife of omer Mateen gunman arrested by FBI

Noor Salman Wife of omer Mateen gunman arrested by FBI

FBI arrested the wife of Orlando nightclub shooter Omer Mateen in bay area, California. He killed 49 people in Orlando Nightclub. She was broadly questioned by FBI in connection with the attack. And then she was taken into custody from her parents’ home in San Francisco Bay area. But the case was filed in Florida, where her husband massacre 49 people in Orlando Nightclub shooter, the attorney general said on Monday. The attorney general said that “I can confirm the arrest of Noor salman.


Her initial court appearance will be on Tuesday morning in Oakland. She told “New York Times in an interview that she never knew about what he has planned about the nightclub shoot, she was totally unaware about everything, but she knew that her husband used to watch videos of Jihadist. She further added that he had physically abused her.

Noor has told her story of abuse at his hands. “We believe it is misguided and wrong to prosecute her and that it dishonors the memories of the victims to punish an innocent person”.

Authorities said that we will find that who was with him when he bought ammunition and exchange texts at the time of Nightclub shoot up. Mateen assured allegiance to the Islamic Group on the call of 911 emergency throughout the confrontation. He also made searches and posts on Facebook during and after the attack.


Noor and Mateen met online and got married in 2011. Their residence was in Fort Pierce, Florida, during the time of shooting. Salman filed a request in California court to change the name of her son she had with Mateen.


Orlando Police Chief John Mina released a statement saying “I am glad to see that Omar Mateen’s wife has been charged with aiding her husband in the commission of the brutal attack on the Pulse nightclub. Federal authorities have been working tirelessly on this case for more than seven months, and we are grateful that they have seen to it that some measure of justice will be served in this act of terror that has affected our community so deeply.”

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