Rating and Review Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice 2016

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is not up to what it promises but can conform to fans.Interestingly, after all the criticism he received Man of Steel , the best thing about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is how it deals with the issues most criticized of that film, which served as a starting point for the film universe now expands , albeit somewhat problematic.

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Batman v Superman as a sequel to Man of Steel

Man of Steel  could be divided into two halves: a very interesting and successful that explores the origins of Superman as such, the formation of their motivations and their moral, internal conflicts of Kal-El / Clark Kent , his link with Krypton and place on Earth, and other not so successful it is in their uprising as a hero, his confrontation with Zod and mostly in an endless sequence of epic fights, huge explosions and destruction on a large scale, beyond the visual spectacle, they had too much substance.

Criticism that Superman should have avoided the thousands of deaths of innocent are worthy of consideration, but Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that aspect is not ignored, and can be perceived at the beginning of the film an intention to make this bear on the plot.

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First and most obvious: to sow distrust of Bruce Wayne in someone with the power of Superman.

Thus, at the beginning of Batman v Superman (after showing umpteenth murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne in an alley, but now as a flashback / memory / adult sleep Bruce), we see from the look of Bruce Wayne destruction Metropolis which took place at the end of Man of Steel .

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And it ‘s really interesting this change in perspective, see that now that whole sequence of enormous magnitude, which in Man of Steel was epic, brutal and impersonal, is approached from a particular, individual view, which gives a more humane and full dimension the seriousness of the matter.

When Superman is being given to the world, Bruce Wayne is seeing with his own eyes what he means the presence of someone like the Man of Steel on Earth.

After this, there are the political repercussions. Public opinion is divided in the presence of Superman, who is now linked to a new tragedy to many innocent victims, and the United States Senate has taken action on the matter.

(Another way for the film to deal with the criticisms of Man of Steel , is given on the end and is the most curious and ridiculous: in moments of great battles or destruction, there is always a character who is responsible for expressing something style “fortunately evacuated the area” or “not rush hour so there were no people in place”).

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