Thrasher Magazine,Richie Jackson’s Death Skateboards video

This fabulous skate video will leave you thinking for a while.Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen (master freestyle) Nyjah Houston, these are people who have an incredible imagination and manage to land tricks on anyone else with skate board.

One of these is Richie Jackson; look at the last video of the magazine Thrasher.

If you know anything about skate, sure you’ll recognize classic tricks like dark slides, wall rides, cream spins, flips and jumps hippy, but did you ever see those applied in this way? And if you know absolutely nothing about it, sure you will be amazed at what “unconventional” several of the tricks seen in this clip.

Jackson does see everything super simple, but luckily the second part of the video gives real dimension to everything you do …

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