Are we heading towards better future with technology?

The human endeavor to discover the purpose and objectives of existence have started centuries ago, even the earliest cave men were continuously exploring the horizon and were thinking about the stars and the secrets of the universe. The period called renaissance  , however have started few centuries ago and not more than 500 years , when human race have given reason and logic the basic source of all knowledge and  mathematics as the foundation of future search for truth.

In the remote past , however , the fathers of all sciences and philosophy have laid down the bases of rationality and have carved their names as the beginner of present branches of science .Who can forget the names of Plato and Aristotle .The known history and the one known to us all , is very conspicuous about the contribution of different scholars , philosophers , scientists and  physicist ,who have paved the way for modern day science .The human race have always searched for everything that could ease the life and something that may create luxurious future for the generations to come .In a way , we are all enjoying the fruits of evolution and the work of our predecessors .

But the wonder is if they have created and worked for all those many centuries for us to be lazy using the fruits of modern day technology or was it the actual purpose of all those efforts. The point is, what next, where shall we go from this point in 2016. What else, after supersonic planes and space ships flying all around us, the flying cars on roads and all many nuclear bombs. The design evolved out of technology is actually vulnerable for human existence or is it carrying us to a better peaceful future?

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