What are 10 major business failures of Donald Trump?

The business world is dangerous and complicated and what seems like a good idea, can become a commercial failure.   Failure is totally natural , but hided and presented to the world as someone who never lost , is very different.

Like any good reader of our website knows, knock down myths, lies and mistakes, it is a task to which we dedicate much of our time.In this sense, facing a threat to knowledge and the very future of science, as we saw in our article ” Alert in the scientific community: Donald Trump and how their dangerous ignorance threatens the future of science ” today we turn to remove the veils that hide the truth behind these  10 major failures of Donald Trump that nobody told you.

1.Trump Steak

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What does it taste success, fame and money? While you could not bite the fortune of Donald Trump , the billionaire wanted to undertake to provide a dining experience through its own line of meat high level.

Trump Steaks was the name of the brand of meat offered for a very high price.Apparently people were not willing to pay for steak with surname mogul and poor sales was only two months on the market .

This 2016, Donald Trump could achieve greater success or failure of his life in his attempt to reach the White House.

As you read and hear his speeches about his impeccable career, take the opportunity to also remember the ten major failures that today we present.


trump business

One of the businesses in which Donald Trump raided several times was that of thecasinos , with three establishments in Atlantic City.

The Trump casinos were not successful and several times went bankrupt , leaving debts and then get back up and fail. In 2014 Trump Entertainment Resorts ,acompany that includes the three casinos, entered bankruptcy for the fourth time .

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3.Trump Magazine

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Insurance know Apprentice a reality show (played by the same Trump) quite successfully, but their forays into the world of communications also reached the press through its own magazine.

In 2007 he presented Trump magazine a magazine dedicated himself- of course, as well as the luxury industry and toys for millionaires. Two years after the last issue for lack of companies willing to invest in advertising was published.

4.Travel Web

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When vacationing want the Internet is used to find a paradise at the best price andDonald Trump wanted to help travelers presenting their own site in 2006 under the name GoTrump.

The site was dedicated to the favorite places of Donald and his stories of travel, not for nothing it failed to last more than a year on the web.

5.Trump Fragrance

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For Donald Trump, his staff aroma is successful and to share it with ordinary mortals launched in 2004 its perfume Trump: The fragrance for men who of course came in a bottle color gold.

At a price of $ 60 a unit, Trump: The fragrance was short lived and was quickly discontinued. Today you can find it on eBay at a fraction of their original cost being a souvenir every fan of Donald need in your collection.

6.Trump Vodka

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Donald Trump and repeatedly spoke of his admiration for Vladimir Putin and it is no surprise that the tycoon has launched its own brand of vodka bearing his name in 2006 .

Touted as “Premium”, few people could try since I was short – lived:  the Trump Vodka went out of production in 2008 .

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7.Trump University

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If something wants a man with too much love for himself is that others learn to admire him. Thus in 2005 he born the Trump University , an institution that promised to teach students the secrets to succeed in the business world .

The seminars taught at the university, either blended form or online, they cost between $ 1500 and $ 35,000 US dollars and all were based on the same assumptions know Donald Trump.

The institution was never proven, nor was a university according to the legal definition of the state of New York and although no longer works, lost several lawsuits for fraud and now faces a series of legal processes by deception, bribery and production of fake educational certificates .


donald trump failure.9

We cannot condemn anyone for having failed marriages , but if that person is dedicated to discriminate and divorced people badmouth highlighting its “strong family values”, it is worth reminding her past.

Donald Trump is on his third marriage. The first model with IvanaTrump , who cheated with actress Marla Maples. His divorce from Ivana was a millionaire and a year later married Maples, in a union that lasted six years and a separation with accusations of domestic violence.

Since 2005 he is married Slovenian model Melania Knauss . Donald Trump has five children , three of his first marriage and one with each of his subsequent wives, normal for this time, but quite hypocritical for a man who declares true to the traditional values ​​of Christianity , if such a thing mattered.

9.Trump: The Game

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More than ever you played Monopoly seeking to create a fortune in one of the games world’s most popular board and of course Donald Trump also wanted one dedicated to him.

Trump: The Game was a kind of Monopoly adapted to Donald Trump and his business . Sadly, people did not share the enthusiasm and was discontinued in less than a year .

10.Trump Shuttle

donald trump failure

Donald Trump wanted to venture into the business of air transport passengers in1988 through his own company: Trump Airlines.

Using a loan of $ 245 million, bought planes and endowed with extra amenities and an appearance that seemed elegant. Passengers were not impressed them and Trump Airlines went bankrupt in 1992.

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