What are the highest paying jobs for job search in Mexico?

Services, manufacturing and telecommunications are the three industries that tendered work places, according to a study OCCMundial.During February 2016 they created 142.291  jobs , 8,600 more than those reported in the same month of 2015, when 133.691 were recorded, according to the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).It  stressed that SMEs services publish the largest number of vacancies, and sales positions, administrative and accounting are the most requested by such companies.

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Job creation is one of the advantages of having more and more SMEs. During the period January-February 2016, the new posts added seats 211.461, 17.986 more than reported in the same period of 2015, explained the IMSS.

In February 2016, 18 million members of the IMSS were reported. In its latest inflation report, Banco de Mexico expects the number of employees assigned to the Institute in 2016 will be between 610,000 and 710,000.

“Every time there are more small and medium enterprises that incorporate technology in their recruitment and selection of staff, which certainly pays off great benefits, especially in the case of the most important in your business investment, the human talent,” said Fernando Calderon, director of Marketing and Public Relations OCCMundial.

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Here are 5 industries which bid more employment proposals, according to OCCMundial.

  1. Services

  2. Manufacturing industry.

  3. Technology and telecommunications.

  4. Food and drinks.

  5. Construction

The domestic market, which includes the consumption of goods and services, represents over 60% of GDP, hence the jobs come from the services sector and food and beverage.

Manufacturing in Mexico show moderate growth. The IMEF Manufacturing Indicator decreased 0.3 points to settle at 51.3 units in February. This indicates a possible slowdown in the Mexican manufacturing sector.

The institution said that the slowdown in US manufacturing is the main reason for the low growth of its counterpart in Mexico.Productivity in the construction sector had a drop of 0.3% in the fourth quarter of 2015 compared to the previous quarter, said the labor productivity index based on hours worked developed by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) .

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