What’s New on Netflix?:Upcoming Netflix series 2016

Netflix has enjoyed great popularity in recent years thanks to its original content. Series like House of Cards , Orange Is the New Black and Daredevil have provided a wide legion of fans worldwide.

This year Netflix will launch new shows , and although some of them have not received as much attention ahead of its release, we have closely followed its development to tell you about some of them yearn to see. Then, keep the following titles and release dates on your calendar:

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1.The Ranch

After the conclusion of Two and Half Men , Ashton Kutcher quickly returns to comedy with this series set in mountainous area of Colorado in a show that reunites him with Danny Masterson, former fellow That ’70s Show .

The plot revolves around Colt (Kutcher) A semi – professional football player who returns home to take over the family and business with his brother ( Masterson ) and her father, whom she didn’t see from last  in 15 years. This series will premiere in full on the first day of April.


A French production that will become the first set of Netflix that develops in a language other than English.

This political drama seeks to follow in the footsteps of House of Cards with excellent Gerard Depardieu in the lead. It takes place in the French city of Marseille,Robert Taro ( Depardieu ), will look to continue as mayor of the city, a position he has held for 20 years and suddenly be threatened in an election in which his main enemy, Lucas Barres is nothing more and nothing less than his former pupil.

The race will bring out the best and worst of the characters involved in a show that will be available from May 5.

3.Stranger Things

upcoming netfix series 2016

The beautiful and talented Winona Ryder returns to the fray with this drama of the same writers Wayward Pines that in 8 one – hour episodes tells the story of a boy who disappears in a rural area of the United States, in the shadow of mysterious secrets, frightening supernatural forces and strange characters and according to the official synopsis experiments promises to be a love letter to classic fantastic series of television of the 80s that captivated several generations.

We will discover this story on July 15.

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4.Get Down

HBO is in the final stage of the first season of Vinyl and Showtime is preparing the premiere of the series Roadies of Cameron Crowe ( Almost Famous ), and Netflix is not far behind with series focused on the music scene.  Get Down is a creation of Baz Luhrmann ( Moulin Rouge! , Romeo + Juliet ) that focuses on the violent and decadent New York of the 70s and a group of kids with no future who find a way to express their anger and discontent through Punk , the Hip hop and Disco music.

6 episodes that promise to take a walk by the legendary Studio 54 and CBGBs from August 12, 2016.

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upcoming netfix series 2 2016

The science fiction drama of Brazilian origin that will continue to expand the horizons of Netflix , is a drama in Portuguese language and is a creation of Cesar Charlone ( City of God ) proposed a dystopian world divided between devastation and progress in which everyone has the opportunity to achieve their dreams in the “good” but where only 3% of applicants are successful side. Does not sound so dystopian, isn’t it ?

There’s no official release date for this series which is a reboot of a web series of the same name which saw light in 2011, however, almost certainly we can see it at some point later this year.

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