Whatsapp has negative or positive impacts on life?

It’s the time when we hardly call up to ask our friends what’s up at their end, its Whats App era, we don’t say what’s up…we do WhatsApp. We send messages, voice notes, and videos and update our fellows with pictures instantly. This technology has been introduced for us on the smart phones since February 2009, and now it is the most popular messaging application. We have freedom of expression here; we upload our display picture and put a relevant status to let our friends know what we want to say and what we feel. It’s all about being in touch with the ones we want. We have a certain group of friends who we are pretty close to, this messaging platform provides facility to have a separate group of those best buddies of us so that we can chit chat all together. No matter we are far somewhere with beautiful ambiance, we click a selfie, send it to friends and tease them and tell them that we are having fun and in this way we include them in our fun time as well.

Apart from messaging and updating friends and fellows, different brands along with branding and publicizing products through different media, now they are also using WhatsApp to promote their products to the customers.  Indeed a smart utilization of most consumed app. Luxury and premium brands such as Cartier, Armani, Diesel and Corneliani has this platform to reach out to consumers. We can easily be getting the brand updates with only a tap. Its all about what’s up out there in the world.

We can buzz our buddies to know what’s up through WhatsApp and stay close 😉

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