Which are free android and IOS apps for foodies and cooks?

Argue about dishes, recipes and wines are among your favorite hobbies?  Have you noticed that in your social networks you have more photos of food than your family and friends? Congratulations, you’re a foodie and to exploit your skills with your Smartphone we present the following applications.

Chefs, foodies and fans of good food have appropriated the digital universe to squeeze the most of the experience of sitting at a table. That is why we have selected the essential apps for this, to share your photos, and you will become an expert gourmet in the eyes of technology.

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best apps for foodies and cooks

You are in the hall of wine or a restaurant about to choose a bottle of this drink, but do not know which one to take. Then you get your Smart phone and you scan any bottle or, failing that, the wine list to see its features and reviews before purchasing. This App works as a proprietary database for wine, which can be tracked through the same users comments, bars, restaurants and to taste this drink.


best apps for foodies and cooks 2

This is a personal guide to eating well, in which through photographs you can find out what and where to eat in Mexico City. In addition, you can find friends who share the same passion for food through photos, locations of restaurants and comments. Eye to search the app store, make sure to write it with 3 M yummie.

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best apps for foodies and cooks 3

In this application food can be shared in real time.  What, where and when one ate and what is in the picture. Several custom banners give photos a personal touch and a more elegant look. You can add the text you want, plus the name of the town (as are localized Foursquare or Facebook). After you edit the photo, you have the option to share it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Weibo, Tumblr or Flickr.


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In this application you can create fotorecetas step by step. The way it works is that its recipes are archived and those of other users on books digitally. Also you have the possibility to follow recognized international chefs and foodies everywhere and try to achieve in the kitchen some of its creations.

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5.The Food Mirror

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It looks like a club just for foodies, however it has given the option to share everything related to the world of food and novelties, like sharing recipes or buy food. Asks it out, observe and discover markets, streets and supermarkets with the look of an expert foodie. In photographs food concepts, products, services and initiatives are respectively added.


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Finding out what is trending among local gourmets is the priority of this application. Foodie is a platform for food lovers where they can share their best finds if dishes are concerned. In it the option to take a photo or choose a phone gallery and perform editing by contrast, an unfocused effects and filters are provided.

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