Which are the best cities in US for IT job search?

Recent graduates professional web designers looking to diversify their own encoding with innovative ideas, and anyone who really look for a community with a flourishing economy, should look leading technology cities in the United States. From Austin, Texas, to Washington, DC, all offer a place for entrepreneurs with experience in computer and related, and each place has its own niche technology. There is enough geographical diversity on the list so that those who dedicate themselves to sun and surf can be as satisfied as people who cannot live without adequate four seasons. These successful cities are also ideal for anyone who founded companies in the service industry options, since all code writers emerging, application developers and professionals SEM need places to eat, clothes to wear and nannies for their children .

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best cities in US for IT jobs

If any place can claim the mantle of the cradle of American computing is Mountain View. The Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory (now closed) opened in 1956 as the first silicon semiconductor manufacturer. Hence the Silicon Valley emerged. Shockley generated an industry that grew strong in defense contracts business, and Steve Jobs and Wozniak created the first Apple computer in the former garage in 1976. Today, Mountain View is home to the powers of technology as Google, Microsoft , LinkedIn and Mozilla, among many others. Despite all his wealth and influence, the landscape of Mountain View gives a sense of small town (less than 100,000 inhabitants), so that its head of government recently launched a program called a ‘mocha with the mayor. ”


best cities in US for IT jobs

Bay City is really an extension of Silicon Valley and is home to many who work in high-tech companies a few kilometers south. It is also a technological center itself. Lucas Film Limited has its headquarters there, like Industrial Light and Magic of George Lucas, the expert of “The Wars” and the pioneer of the effects of GCR movies. Computer editing is also big business in San Francisco: “Wired”, “MacWorld” and “PCWorld” with other major magazines were created there.  Websites and applications better known as Craigslist, Reddit, Yelp and Twitter also began in this city. Geeks city rejoiced when a recently TechShop (a tool magazine maintained the monthly support of members) opened in the South of Market district, where drills bank, welding equipment are even machines presentation in 3-D for DIY technologists. Finally, the quality of life in San Francisco is unique, as the natural beauty of the city, its quality restaurants and culture make it an enviable place to live.


best cities in US for IT jobs

Downtown Manhattan is home to “Silicon Alley”, a term coined in the late 90s to describe an area (covering almost from SoHo to the Flatiron district) which was the seat of the early Web creation. Unfortunately, many of these pioneers failed during the fall of technology in 2001, but an entirely new generation of successful companies 2.0 intervened to take their place. Today, New York is home to the second largest Google office and the community of Manhattan specializing in information technology, doing a booming business in advertising, finance and content. DoubleClick, IAC (umbrella own more than 50 Web entities) and major sites from Gawker to Vanity Fair all have headquarters in the city that never sleeps. Of course, the cost of living is high in New York, but for those who love their fast paced and endless opportunities can compete anywhere else.

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best cities in US for IT jobs

Pioneer homemaker Dell computers, Austin have long been a center of technological innovation. The University of Texas at Austin has a department of computer science recognized worldwide, and many graduates choose to stay close to this modest and extravagant city after graduation. The low cost of doing business in Texas has led many high-tech companies open branches there instead of growing up in the Silicon Valley. Moreover, reputable companies like eBay, Google, Cisco Systems, Oracle and Intel have offices in Austin. The quality of life in the capital of Texas is excellent, although a little more tense compared to the rest of the state. In fact, its unofficial motto is “Keep Austin unusual”.


best cities in US for IT jobs

Yes, Beantown has Paul Revere’s house and the Old North Church but is also home to the best schools and universities. Harvard, Boston University and MIT coined especially smart technology graduates trained each fall, and that’s a big part of what makes this New England town is a hotbed of high technology. Historically, Route 128, a ring road around the city, was the link between a pioneer computer centers in the country initially driven by military research. Companies like Digital, Polaroid and Raytheon were the main employers during the last years of the 50s Currently, Boston has an important role in both high-tech old school (HP opening soon a host of US $ 10 million in Cambridge) and web 2.0 companies like TripAdvisor.com and Amazon are investing heavily too. The lifestyle in Boston is as close to a small town that one can get in a big city, and for those who love life four seasons is the perfect choice.

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best cities in US for IT jobs

The Emerald City is a hotbed of high-tech companies and a major attraction for skilled workers. Pioneer Square downtown Seattle, which was once a blighted area with temporary camps now host the game creator Zynga, Isilon Systems and OneHub. So great is the boom area just divide the land office tower residential use different call Place Stadium, many expect further boost business. Of course, the most famous technological creation of the city is Amazon, but also have Google Seattle headquarters, a foreign-based Microsoft and Real Networks. It is true that the weather is a bit rainy but Seattle is located in the attractive Puget Sound, public transport is very good, and culture and nightlife can not be better.


best cities in US for IT jobs

When most people think of Los Angeles, high technology is one of the last things that come to mind. However, not all the players in this city belong to the big screen, as the suburb of Pasadena Los Angeles is home Propulsion Laboratory of NASA (by its English name, Jet Propulsion Lab), the Institute of California technology and all the brilliant people that attract those places. The confluence of “know-how” and creativity in LA led to Hulu, Buzzmedia, MySpace and Gaming Company Electronic Arts; even Santa Monica has a Yahoo office. The city has a reputation as the capital Traffic jams in the United States, but with smart location options, companies can attract qualified employees from many neighboring communities. The sunny micro climate similar to the Mediterranean makes almost every day is beautiful and you can go to the beach most of the weekend.

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best cities in US for IT jobs

The capital is obviously the headquarters of computer systems most sensitive national defense of the country and workers in the public and private sector maintain its technological task. And Dulles, Virginia, just west of DC, has the largest number of telecommunications companies and satellite on the planet. From AT & T to Sprint and Verizon, most of all cellular companies and Internet operating in the United States have headquarters or offices in the so-called “Dulles Technology Corridor” (by its English name, Dulles Technology Corridor). The communication-oriented companies will find many professional high-tech and telecommunications in the region of DC While Washington may be a bit humid in the summer, no one will win public entertainment, like the wonderful and free system of the national museum, and the interesting north-south culture of the region.


best cities in US for IT jobs

It may not be the first in which we think when it comes to high-tech centers, but Orlando actually has one of the largest economies in the country with regard to the aerospace industry, digital media, engineering and software. Spurred by its proximity to NASA Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center, the city best known for Mickey Mouse is the opposite. Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Northrup Grumman and Raytheon Systems have offices in Orlando. On the smaller side technology, Universal Studios Hollywood and Disney attracted a stable employee base for games and entertainment. For those who like the warm and sunny Orlando, this might just be your place.

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