Which are top 5 cities in the world of technology and gadgets?

While the world is involved in a technological revolution, some cities stand out more than others in the competition of the latest gadgets. Here is the list of the most important cities in world of technology and gadgets.

  1. Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area

silicon valley

It remains at the top of the most innovative cities in the world. Being the home of some of the most successful of all time as in the case of tech companies FacebookGoogle, Cisco and Twitter.They have taken numerous films referring to the dream of all the programmers in the world, created a startup triumph on this earth as the rest of its predecessors, as in the case of Pirates of Silicon Valley or transmission series Silicon Valley.

  1. New York

newyork best tech city

This capital of the world could not escape from this list.This city is the cradle of innovation, one of the places that offered technology jobs worldwide and home to interesting proposals as the ultimate recognition system shots implemented together with the guys from Silicon Valley.

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  1. Tel Aviv

tel aviv best tech city

It is the second largest city in Israel and together with cities like Bangalore shows the power that is developing so-called emerging economies.It is considered the center of Israeli global economy and is the home of Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, the only stock exchange in Israel, where lie several research centers and corporate offices being of such value that the area is popularly called as Silicon Wadi.

  1. Boston

boston best tech cities

This city stands out for its contributions in software and biotechnology. It has many universities, colleges and higher education institutions with a research-based economy, electronics, technology and engineering.It holds first place in jobs per square mile, even ahead of cities like New York and living standards is considered among the highest in the world.

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  1. Austin

austin best tech city

The small town of Austin in Texas, USA has proved to be a surprise as it is currently considered one of the most rapidly growing cities in terms of startups emerging as an epicenter for technology and small businesses. Forbes magazine has listed it as a primary city in innovation .


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