Which mobile apps are stealing personal data?

The subject of the conspiracy is a complicated and multi-layered one, you tear away layer by layer and you discover lot more theories. Technology is like an atom that has been infused in our lives that can’t be dispatched because it’s digested into us and is nourishing us in many ways but also obsession of it is leading us to diseases. Well that’s the other part of the story, let’s figure out that are we really being watched? And if so then by whom and why?

No doubt technology has taken us to a next level of living, miles and miles of distances can be covered within a click of our phone, laptop, tablet and many more gadgets. It’s like we have our world summed up within our hands. Technology has made our reach easy to anything we want and it has made “there” reach to us easy as well, now the point is who are “they”? to be honest…no one knows about it, and if I say that no would among us would ever know…that will be no lie.

Facebook, twitter, Instagram and many other, all the social media network allow us to post, say and write whatever we like and want. We make profiles and share our stuff with our fellows and we know that its safe because social media ensures us that. It enables us the facility of “privacy settings” so that we set our privacy ourselves and be assured that the stuff we want to be safe is safe. Have we not thought that that privacy of us is also being monitored or kept “safe” somewhere? Of course it is, and “they” can have it or use it or if I say can reach our information whenever they wish to would be more appropriate.

Let’s not go too far for an example, every one of us uses play store to download so many apps, let’s talk about games. We download games on our android and IOS devices, any game you name, Fast7, Temple Run, Galaxy Jet fighter, Looney Tune dash, Jurassic Runner, have any of us ever noticed that when we download a certain app or game, google asks the permission to reach our information, our friends. Unless or until we don’t allow it, the app or the game is not downloaded on our devices. What’s that for? And we being so eager to have the app or game, quickly tap allow allow allow and move on to have it downloaded. Never stopping for a while and thinking that why are we to allow our information to be reached to download merely a game. Access to contact list, access to photos/media, Access to friend list, Access to location, (Allow/Deny) …summing it up this means that “they” will be knowing where we were, who our friends are, who we talk to, they can invade our information anytime… does that makes any sense? Why do they need to know about us in order to have us a game downloaded? Because they know what we like and in order to have what we like we will overlook these Access permissions just like we overlook and don’t bother to read the privacy policy when download any app on our devices.

“They” might be, well, might be is not the right word, they ARE the one who are in progress to rule the world and we are the friendly and kind users of the trap they have thrown in the shape of our favorite social media networks. Our use of internet is a sinister ploy to allow “them” to freely monitor and spy on us.

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