Why not to travel in the year 2016 ?

Sitting with your tab and looking around , thinking of life and watching wonders of the world on your phone and knowing more getting that terabytes of information and using it for what ? There are always multiple stories running on your social media walls and lots of organizations , companies , groups and individuals are trying to convince you or tell you about their ideologies and their viewpoints .People are sharing a lot about their personal achievements and their wishes and resolutions , they have made for the year 2016 . Organizations and companies, anticipating bigger sale of their products and brands and services for the year 2016.  Subtly or openly they are trying to get new consumers and customers for them and its going on and on. The market never sleeps

The title of the article seems to motivate you to choose some destinations to travel for the sake of leisure and pleasure in the year 2016, but in fact, the purpose is to highlight the importance of travel in this world of technology. The lessons in life, we learn from travelling are far more deeper and comprehensive than those we learn from online world . If you are travelling with your iPad and cell phone along , you shall not be detached from online life but you will have more life within yourself . look for the life within and outside online life , should be the purpose of our life .

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