Why should we be scared of Robots with Artificial Intelligence?

Human beings, having so much intelligence, now developing machines to which they provide a part of their intelligence so that those machines could work just like us. Those machines are called Robots. The ones we could just see in movies and cartoons restricting them behind the screen only and believing that they are just imaginative characters that are only manually or technically operated like the puppets in any puppet show, they can’t work or talk or move on their own.

That belief is proved wrong as the technology prevailed. The technology today is progressing with such a speed that it blows away our minds sometimes with new inventions and sometimes by making those things possible that we could only think of.

The reason might be to provide extensive ease in the lifestyle or the scientists and the technical people out there has that worm in their heads to amaze the world with beyond-belief things. If only talking about the robots, so much development and invention has been done that we wont believe that what we are seeing is real, but as we are living in a tech world so we have to believe everything because technology is so much advanced now, anything can be happened.

Over the time robots are engineered in such a way that now they can perform the task that only we could perform. Putting in the simplest example; Jibo, it’s a robot, a very cute one indeed, which can talk and click pictures by detecting faces, we can talk to Jibo and it has the ability to answer us back which makes it a very good company to be with. Jibo can read stories to our children and can show visuals while reading stories to them. It is like a part of family once you buy it and bring it home.

Same as Jibo there is a robot named Buddy, it has almost the same features like Jibo but has some more advanced capabilities too. It reminds us of the things we ask it to remind us, it takes care of our house when we are not at home by patrolling around and if it detects some unusual thing it immediately informs us on our device, it has the capability to save the energy by turning off the lights and electronics if we by mistake have left them on. Isn’t it amazing! We don’t have to have a housekeeper that has to be paid every month and cant also be trusted completely. Buddy is so smart that Nescafe has bought it too so that it can work with them to guide their customers at the café to reach their desired coffee flavor and it also tells everything about the brand what the customer asks.

Technology is playing a vital role in medical branches and this robot thing is now being very helpful to deal with the patients and the medical students to practice their study on these robots rather than the actual people. Huggable is a bear robot that is programmed in a way that it talks to the little kid patients to keep them busy and tells them stories so that they forget their condition and feel good and stay happy. It hugs them back when the kid hugs it. This robot is operated by an individual person who, at the back end has the operating system onto which he talks to the child and the child hears the voice in a cute teddy bear voice coming out of this robot monitors this robot. But still it’s something worth appreciating.

We think that although the robots are being given artificial intelligence, they can’t reach the human’s natural phenomenon, but we are proven wrong to the peaks of our astonishment with the invention of a female robot named Noelle, that is a life-like pregnant robot that gives birth! And is programmed in a way that it emits realistic pulse rate and can breath too! Along with this it has so many features that a living human female acquires during delivery. What else do we need to shatter our compressed minds into pieces and bite our fingers away in amazement that where the technology has reached!

With no offense to this that technology is working and progressing for somehow the betterment of us all BUT a day will come when robots will be ruling the world!


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