Wikileaks revealed CIA is insinuate Apple’s Devices

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Wikileaks revealed CIA is insinuate Apple’s Devices

WikiLeaks is an expert coming up with the most scandalize and controversial news, this time they have again targeted the CIA which was remain its position to in news in terms of hacking, as last time they were being hacked by some third party.

This time they are again in news regarding to Apple products they have had ability to access them, all those Apple products those are exported to other countries, CIA contaminate these products, while the shipment process, make some changes according to their own needs and then send the product to the receiving party.

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The ultimate purpose of this exercise to make sure that they consider the security of US as their first priority, for that sakes they don’t even mind to discourage privacy of others.

In the past months WikiLeaks issued a document which contains tools and tactics which are used by the CIA in this manner. Not just Apple products other smart devices such as Samsung are not safe in this regard.

CIA states that:”It is CIA’s job to be innovative, cutting-edge, and the first line of defense in protecting this country from enemies abroad,”

To clarify this controversy Apple said that only those devices can be affected through these threats which have 3G connections and were built during the 2011 to 2013. Others have very strong security profile, and completely safe from these affects. They also mentioned that WikiLeaks is actually sharing these statements with complete consent of the Apple itself, and Apple is there to help whenever they needed this.

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WikiLeaks new releases have shown very strong evidences which indicates that CIA is working on this project since 2008, from then on ward all devices which moved out from the country are actually working as an agent of the CIA, they can monitor each and every move of its user.

Actually there was some flaw in the manufacturing of the Apple Mac, which works as blessing for hackers since 2013, Apple states that their new product are free from such defaults which ultimately reduce the chances of such hacks.

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